Choosing Method Books and Solo Pieces

Trying to figure out which method book to buy can be extremely intimidating, but in the bassoon world there is a clear standard.

The Weisenborn Practical Methods for Bassoon is the only book I use with my students. It starts with the basics and introduces more complex concepts slowly and provides lots of examples to work on these concepts. In the back of the book, there are 50 advanced etudes that are great for high school students. These are standard etudes for youth orchestra and college auditions.

If you are a high school student preparing for college I highly suggest getting the Milde 50 concert studies Volume 1. These are standard etudes.

Here are some standard solo works for bassoon rated by difficulty:


-Telemann Bassoon Sonata

-Hindemith Bassoon Sonata

-Pierné Solo De Concert

-Bordeaux Premier solo

-Malcom Arnold Fantasy for Bassoon (unaccompanied)

-Marcelo Sonatas

-Elgar Romance


-Mozart Bassoon Concerto

-Weber Bassoon Concerto

-Vivaldi Concerti (a minor and e minor are the most played)

-Osborn Rhapsody (unaccompanied)

-Tansman Sonatine

-Bach Cello Suites

-Fasch Sonata

-Saint Saëns Sonata

When choosing a piece make sure you listen to several recordings of great players. Try to pick something that will challenge you, but not feel impossible. Some of my favorite bassoonists to listen to are Christopher Mallard, Klaus Thunemann, and Maurice Allard (plays on French bassoon).

Good luck finding the books and solos that fit you best! As always, feel free to ask questions under the “contact me” page.

Happy bassooning!


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